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This story is about me and 2 other teenage  friends, my name ROSE RAMIREZ, my other too friends are MIKE JOHNSON and TYLER WELLER we are just inseparable, best friends that knew each other since birth.

we had a lot of things in common liked playing sports, watch a lot of movies and most importantly being a school detective.

All the times we were living our best lives going to school together, having sleepovers,  solving mysteries and so much more.

The time passed so quickly that we didn’t even realize it was time going to high school, me, Mike and Tyler were so impatient that we all have plans for the new journey.

i come from half American and half Mexican family only thing that I was missing is that I always wanted a brother or a sister eventually that did not happen but that didn’t make me lonely because i had  two other friends that i am  very proud of,

i lives with my  mom, dad and grandmother.

Mike is the pretty boy of the group he had even signed with a model agency, his mother is a nurse and father a police man, he has a bigger brother Thomas.

And Tyler well Tyler is our talented boy he can sing like an angel, his dreams are to became a producer or singer. His mother is a church singer but sadly his dad passed away this summer, he was coping with that weary hardly  but that what’s motivates him to be the best as he can, and lets not forget his 2 other little sisters Lory and Cody.

we all live in a small city in Texas El paso the city was always the innocent part of county until we had the first tragedy.

It was a normal sunny day in Texas and first day of  high school, we had all classes together so it was all good After the bell ringed we went to a small local pub with milkshakes, muffins itc…

i unexpectedly had a call from my mother that day , we were all curious so i put it on loud so they could hear me. What my mother tells me next  was shocking as for the boys, it was like for a minute that i couldn’t hear anything.

My mother said to me that my father was in a gang accident that turned very brutal it ended up that my father accidentally shot an other gang member in the head, but the worst is that i never knew that my father was ever in a gang .

It was the most shocking ting that we heard ever in our lives ever so Mike pulled his phone out as faster he could as he knew that his father was a police officer.

When he  came we all went in the car with him to see what really happened there,

We arrived at the police station and watching that my dad was getting arrested  was the worst thing that we and as i knew him he is most loving father in the world it was heartbreaking for everyone.

Mikes father told us  they could go to their home so they could finish the thing he had to do so we had to go home with an uber.

As we arrived at Mikes home i instantly broke down i just could cope with that my father did such a horrible thing to someone, but the thing was that they newer knew what really happened there.

It was almost night time so we put our sleep bags so we could sleep.

As the time went  Tyler and Mike tried to cheer me up as possible as they could , we heard a door bell rang, it was weird because Mikes mom was asleep and my Mom was home with grandma and Tyler parents weren’t even home for the moment.

Mike slowly approached to the door lope so he could see who rang but weirdly it wasn’t  anybody, so he opened the door so he could clearly see or it was someone messing around in the block he didn’t see anything as he wanted to shut the door he saw a piece of paper on the corner that was written on WATCH OUT THE PROWLER IS HERE.

When we all saw it we were freaked out but didn’t want anyone to find out so we were making a plan for this summer  after school every day.

Next day after school we went to the pub, Tyler said that his parents were out of town in New York almost for 4 weeks so we could all have to meet there as we did.

The summer weekends were getting closer as we tried looking for a man that wrote that letter ,and lets not forget my father crime.

Police told us that the incident happened because of mistaken member as the gang member thought that  my dad was the man they wanted. The man stopped Alex (my dad), pointed a gun at his head so he fight with him and eventually took him the gun as he saw other running after him he accidentally as he wanted to protect himself shot the man.

Still somehow it didn’t make any sense to me.

Days went by as the minutes to us, and the summer weekend were up, it was the first time we didn’t seem so happy about it as the thing kept getting around.

That day I told my mother that i wanted to go for a visit to my father, as i got up to go to the bus my grandma stopped me and tolled that I should say him that we all miss him and that we believed that he didn’t do the crime. I was heartbroken as never hearing the words of my grandma telling me all this but I didn’t believe either that he did this crime.

Next thing I was with my father sitting and watch him through that thick glass between us, I holded my tears back as I just wanted to let all my feelings out but I didn’t want him to se him like that.

He first asked me how I was doing, and that I shouldn’t be sad about the thing that he done, but I just saw in his face how innocent hi was and I knew I would do to prove that.

So I asked him *dad did you really did that* as his tear fall down his cheek, he tolled me that he loves us and left.

I just knew that he didn’t do anything so I rushed to Tyler home when we met all I tolled them that my dad wasn’t guilty and that we should prove it, they both agreed so it was the time that all of our live would change.

Next morning we could keep our head of the piece of paper that we receive that other night, and the weekend began we all had the plan that we should have the weekend just for ourselves so we had to make a plan to somehow make our parent to agree to go somewhere out of city. We all thought of a plan that we shall make a picnic and told that to our parent.

As we were preparing our picnic we told them that they shall sit and hear us for a moment, they all looked stressed as we didn’t know the plan would work .

So I started telling our parent that we have this huge surprise for the weekend, and that they were going to Miami for a whole  2 weeks , and we gave them the ticket that we bought for them.

They looked so happy but they asked who would look and of course mikes dad and my grandma said that will do anything to watch after us, I couldn’t believe that the plan actually worked we were so happy and exited that we had a whole house for ourselves so we rushed to mikes house because he had all we need for our investigations.

When the  day past by we went to our sleeping bag, as  my grandma   was telling us good night we heard a big loud noise outside of the house we rushed down looking around and we saw our window in the kitchen smashed by  big rock, we were scared to death my grandma immediately contacted mike dad for what happened. When he came he had a pale face as a white paper , as we told him what happened he was concerned but he had even worse news that a man in black was sneaking through peoples window , stealing their stuff and eventually killed them. We were scared to death, but it wasn’t the time to contact our parent so we were looking of any evidence around the house but we didn’t find nothing, it was the scariest night that we ever had and we stayed up all night next morning us 3 was watching the news on tv , and what we heard was brutal, it said a person in black clothes now called the Night Prowler killed a 21 years old women and her boyfriend, our faces were as shocked as it could ever been ,mike dad said that he will be gone for 2 nights for the investigation so it was only my grandma watching us.

That night my grandma was very tired so I went with here upstairs and told her a good night.

Again we didn’t sleep the whole night as we were scared to our deaths, but we would have the be calm as possible. We all talked how our lives change and that we should do our best to just be ourselves as possible , as the time was ahead of us we heard a scream I couldn’t imagine to myself how bad and loud it was , Tyler looked out of window and saw a man as it described on TV the Night Prowler we all said . Tyler said fast quick  go go I think he has broke to one of our friend houses, mike quickly called and told his father Tyler and me quickly step out the house grabbed the baseball bats he has and ran to the house as we saw him running away with one of ours school friend Mike grabbed his father gun just to scare him but he was too quick, we ran after him and eventually stopped we tolled him to let her go, and why did he do all this to innocent people but he never replied, but mikes dad came to the scene fast enough he let the girl and run through the wood.

The Texas was not as innocent as we all thought at the end.

After all that just happened mikes dad (john) told us that we shouldn’t leave home until all of this nightmare would stop. We were bored and just tired of all that so we chose to watch TV, as we watch the movie as saw John going out at night , I dint ever knew why he always went out at night so I asked Mike and he answered me that it was just the time he would  usually go to his job, but still I didn’t mind it at all.

Some time passed and I look over my shoulder as I saw Mike and Tyler peacefully sleeping on the couch ,so I went  to check on my grandma, when I went in the room she looked traumatized, I tolled  her that everything would be fine, then she grabbed my hand as I wanted to go to sleep. She tolled me to stay for a while and started telling me how was back in her days she said, when I was your age it was nothing like now but one thing for sure they were plenty of  criminals  in our days, they were the scariest days we could ever imagine said abuelita (grandma), as I was carefully listening to her she goes on, but u know what is the scariest things about them , they could be the most  normal person you know or even worse it could be your love ones. When she told me all about that I could feel my Goosebumps all over  me.

Next day it was very sunny, hot day but the people were still scared  as they could never know when would they spent their last time alive.

I woke other two up and went to go eat some breakfast .i tolled them that we should do something so we could think anything above crazy things that happened in Texas.

So we went to bowling since we didn’t have to do anything else as we played our parent called all worried, after hearing all that happened in the city I tolled the they shouldn’t be worried as long John had everything under control, but the still resisted to stay for a while and told us that they will come next week.

After bowling I said to Mike and Tyler that I would go to my father for a visit as I dint see him for weeks, they agreed and went back home.

When I eventually came to the prison I dint expect that John to be here as he said he would be at the police scene investigating all the crimes that the Night Prowler commit

When I got to my father I asked him every thing how was he feeling, how is it like being in prison and if they are treating him good, he looked my in the way he never did the sadness in his eyes anger mixed together I had the strangest feeling about all of this like we are missing something. I wanted to go but he told me *Rose you should know something as in the moment he would told me John came on and told me that it’s the time I should be heading home. I dint even known why he would let my father finish what he would tolled me, I was so mad at him. Then Tyler calls me saying that Mike could get John on phone and that he should be home a the time , so I immediately knew something is off about  the whole thing. When I was coming home I saw something that it broke my in million pieces, on my house that was maybe two blocks away from Mikes home.

On the outer walls of the house was written all of the places KILL THE RAMIREZ as I immediately thought of my dad.

I went quickly to Mikes home and tolled them both about all the things that were just weird everything, I tolled them about Mikes father that was not acting that very as he would but Mike got angry in a second he said that his father would do nothing and he was checking on my father as I dint believe. We waited long for John to come but he dint we tried to call him but nothing. We heard again that the killer whom is now probably a serial killer killed another 3 victims that were a young, now it was a time we all were scared for our lives , I still couldn’t get off my head what wanted my dad to tell my that day as both of them fell asleep I woke Tyler. I told him that I have very bad instinct about mike father and tolled him that maybe we should check his room if we would find anything he agreed but we shall be very quick. As a was opening the closets and Tyler watching in his working jacket if we could find anything we hear a door open so we quick went to our room as he walked upstairs. He asked both of us why we weren’t asleep we tooled him that I was felling sick, he had at the time the most coldest, black eye I have ever seen. When he went to his room I quickly look to the little hole that was at the door holder, the I realize he was cleaning his red spot on his clothe I tolled Tyler we both got to mike wake him up and tolled him, he said that we shouldn’t plat games at this time but both of us were very serious. then we both said we should tell him the next morning and go check his room again as we really did. I tolled grandma grandma what happened about dad and every thing we found, so we all agreed and check his room Mike told us hi has a safe that hi keeps hi personal stuff and he know where he puts his keys as we were unlocking the safe inside was his gun and a journal that was very old, Mike told us that he always used to said to him he never should look in it. But I had to I had to know was   it all about ,what we read about In it was just disgusted  to all of us . He  wrote about how deeply in love was with my mother as this was not creepy enough he even wrote in the journal how he accidentally pushed his little sister of the stairs and how she died.

And most importantly how he couldn’t control his anger problems, Mike didn’t even know all of this and the things he done, so we were all confused how could he done all of this and be a police officer. We tried looking for evidences so we could find anything weird or something that would led for the worst thing he has done, but we didn’t found anything at all.

Next day at school we were all just confused by all, as we started walking through the hallway to our class there were dozens of poster of a two missing persons, I looked closer and realizing that the missing persons were one of our biology teacher miss Sarah Harvard and our class friend Melanie Cruz all the students were shocked as well creped out of what has Texas became a true crime city.

We didn’t know what to do, or when will the killer strike again and what he wanting from us innocent kids and young girls.

My mom called and told me that they will immediately come to Texas, we could all understand them, the moments past and our principal called us in to his office, asking us questions if we knew where were  the girls after the school,  we told him that we didn’t know anything , but one thing for sure we would do anything to find our friend  Melanie and Miss Harvard.

After the school my mom came and picked us up, when we all went to our homes I told mom about John  how he wrote all the things and about their love. My mom started tearing up a little and told me that their love was nothing and that she loved  my dad the moon and back. She said even that he really was a little different   than all the parents, but could it really be that he would do such a cruel thing to all of us and these girls.

I didn’t even want to thing of it, that my best friend father would do that.

A little time passed and a heard banging on my window and saw Mike and Tyler yelling me to come down now. I took my jacket and sprinted down stairs, they both looked scared so I asked them what’s wrong, Tyler told me that the two of them wanted to ring  the bell on the door and found other letter now in front of my door step, it was written with red lipstick   YOU ARE NEXT, instantly as I red it my heart dropped, I got to my mom as fast s I could I told about it.

I knew if we didn’t do anything something will eventually happen to me and my mom.

Mike then told that on the letter was written something else we didn’t understood, there were some kind of signs, so Tyler immediately think of one of our class nerds Tom that new all of the unknown signs.

It was almost that dark we could see so we run to his house as fast as we could. His dad opened the door and asked us what we were doing at this time, we told him that we had a school project so he could believe us, we went to Tom’s room and told him everything, he took the letter and tried to look what kind of signs this man used. Toms father came in and instantly recognize the signs, he told us that they were PARENTHESIS signs and that were weary rear. We ask him if he could help us with it, after he understood the signs he told us that they weren’t any words but the map that should led us too something. We thank Tom and his father and curiously went through the place that would the map show.

We  walk through cold night, but couldn’t find anything, but as we walked further thru the woods we saw shovel dug into the ground, we were curios so Mike started digging further as he slowly turned around with a disgusted face on him, he almost throw up as both me and Tyler looked down and saw 2 bodies but we couldn’t recognize them as the fact there were almost mutilated. Mike called his father, and told him what happened, we all felt sick after what we just witness .

After John came he tolled us we should go and we really did, all scared, disgusted and confused at the same time. We all went home after then and didn’t even said a word to each other. I went upstairs shut the door and laid on my bed thinking if the bodies were Melanie’s or Miss Harvard’s.

Minutes went and I was already asleep. Like all wasn’t enough bad I woke up due my grandma quietly telling me that she heard someone downstairs as we talked we both hear screaming in my moms room, i run to my moms room and my eyes could believe my eyes, it was the time I saw the Night Prowler in my moms room attacking her.

i saw the baseball bat  of the corner of the room as I wanted to hit him as  he ran outside,

I started running after him knowing that would be my last time seeing him and maybe they would never caught him. Mike and Tyler that were weary close to my house herd the noises and screams came after us, Mike took his father gun trying to somehow scare  him.

As I was close enough him I threw my baseball bat at him as hard as I could, he fell on the ground, Tyler started holding him on the ground so he couldn’t get up as Mike hold the gun on his head. The neighbors heard us and called the police, when they came they told us that the bodies were really the Melanie’s and Miss Harvard’s, we couldn’t hold the tears as knowing what we went all thru, as they were arresting the Night Prowler ask the police officers where was his dad, they replied that he should with him, our face went white again as we now all knew who was behind the mask he had. We told the officer to reveal him, they aggressively took his mask. The whole neighbor was in shock, you could see all the peoples tears falling down the cheek, some from happiness other from sadness like our dear friend Mike, knowing that your father terrorized the city of Texas .

Our parent all came scared hugging us and asking us if we are alright, I asked my mom that was fully in tears that my dad was innocents , mom told me that she believe so too so the whole next day was a trial of my father Alex, as I expected he was really innocent.

The Night Prowler told them that day that he told my dad he should confess to a murder that he didn’t even or else he would kill my family as he wanted to do it that night.

It it now almost a year after THE NIGHT PROWLER used to terrorize the city of Texas and kill all the young girls, peoples are again happy as the should’ve been all the time, but the real question is do you want to know what happened to us after this year.

Well I now live the harpies life with my father, mom and of course dear grandma, sadly now we don’t go to the same high school I went to the Academy of police department , I always want to become a detective.

Mike well our Mike was hardly dealing with his father that he used to do all of the worst stuff u could possibly imagine, but it was all good at the end now his career as a model is going perfect, next week he is going to have a photo shoot with Nike.

Now our Tyler, he went living in LA with his mother and other two little sisters, he will be making music for the next of his career that is going weary well.

Now you are probably wondering how are we going to hang out and being so far away from each the well we still got our dear little pub, that we go every single Friday after school and spend as much time together as possible.

Don’t forget it people the NIGHT PROWLER could maybe be even your love ones.

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