Technical Education Centre Ljubljana
Secondary Vocational and Technical
School Bežigrad
Ptujska ulica 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel. +386 1 280 53 00
Fax +386 1 280 53 33
ID 5089883
VAT ID SI 55517951
Headmaster Nikolaj Lipič D.Sc.

Our school is a vocational and technical secondary school which prepares pupils for career entry as well as college. We provide unique and exciting learning opportunities and one of our special advantages are partnerships with tradesmen and different companies. Besides full-time courses we also educate adults and we train drivers for all categories within Driving School Ježica. All our knowledge and efforts are aimed at enabling our students a better future.

PIC: 948710150
OID: E10047033

International Contact

TINE VERBOLE, international affairs coordinator

  +386 1 280 53 19
   International office (210)

Programmes and Courses

Vocational education
(2 years)
Assistant in Technology Processes
module: Basic paintwork works
module: Managing machines & appliances
Textile Reworker
Secondary vocational education
(3 years)
Car Mechatronic
Vehicle Body Repairer
Industrial Mechanic
Metal Shaper – Toolmaker
Tinsmith – Roofer
Vocational technical education
(3+2 years)
Logistics Technician Mechanical Engineering Technician
Automotive Service Technician
Technician of Mechatronics
Paper Maker
Creator of Fashion Clothing
(adult education only)
Secondary technical education
(4 years)
Logistics Technician Creator of Fashion Clothing

Authorization form

Personal identification number (EMŠO) authorization form for students

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