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Competitors met in the Meeting Room. They were greeted and given instructions by Ajda Kamenik and Lea Janežič. Special attention was paid to detailed description of the tasks. Students had to complete 10 practical successfully. Before students left the room, they were given water, biscuits and T-shirts.

Teachers took the teams to the workshops, where the competition was held. The tasks were briefly described and the work posts examined. Some tasks were easier, some more difficult. By successfully completing the tasks, students proved they are able to work in a car repair workshop.

At 9 am the competition began. The first part of the contest lasted until 11.30, the second, which started after a break, until 3 pm. Most teams finished the tasks quickly and gathered to prepare for the next. When I spoke to team Lithuania and team Turkey, they were both very pleased with the competition. Lithuanian students were very proud of finishing in 10 minutes.

The competition ran smoothly, the contestants were organised and pleased with their work. They were relaxed, full of positive energy and adrenaline. They all praised our hospitality.

Tomorrow is devoted to discovering the beauties of Slovenia. Students, mentors and principals are heading to The Coast. Upon arrival to Ljubljana, the Winner Award Ceremony will be held at Portal, exclusive Inn & Family Guest House.

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