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Car Mechanic Junior is a prestigious International competition in practical and professional knowledge of Mechanics. SPSŠB is this year’s host.

The first guests – students, their mentors and headmasters from Macedonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, France and Germany – arrived at 9 am and were kindly escorted to the Meeting Room (Steklena dvorana), where the Opening Ceremony, hosted by Ajda Kamenik and Lea Janežič, was held.

First, we told our guests about Slovenia and then Matic Hribar and Karmen Palčar played the accordion. Then the teams were presented and the headmistress Fani Al-Mansour, BSc. had a speech. She wished the competitors the best of luck and good results, which can be achieved if they do not stress too much – the competition should also be entertaining and relaxing. Gašper Bergant, a stand-up comedian, made us laugh.

An hour and a half later, the theoretical part of the competition started. Competitors were quite nervous, full of adrenaline and anticipation. When I asked about the first impressions about an hour later, responses were very positive. They were all satisfied with the written part as the test was not too difficult. The students were full of positive energy as it was obvious the stage fright had been conquered. Although this is a professional competition, students enjoyed every minute of the contest.

The competition ended at noon. Lunch was at Dijaški dom Bežigrad – Ljubljana (DDBL). Students engaged in a variety of social activities in the afternoon – perhaps even created a competitive strategy, since the practical part of the competition is tomorrow. More on that follows … .

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